How do I update my apps on my Stream+? CM-7600

Updates to your apps can be completed 'manually' or 'automatically'.

  • Updates should be installed automatically if you have your Stream+ connected to the internet, and if you have not turned "Auto Update Apps" off in your Google Play Store account. 
    • Note; You must have a 'Google Play store' account to change the app settings, on the Stream+.
    • When you first select 'Google Play store', it will guide you through setting up your account.
  • To automatically update the Live Channels App, and all other apps;
    • On the 'Home' screen, go to 'Google Play Store' and navigate down to 'Settings' and select it.
    • Navigate to 'Auto-Update apps' and select it.
    • Select 'Auto-update apps at any time'.
    • Press the "Home" button on the remote to resume normal operation.
  • To manually update an app;
    • Go to Google play Store and navigate down to 'My Apps' and select it.
    • Navigate to the right and select 'Live Channels' or another app
      • If the app has already been updated, the app tile will be in the 2nd row.
    • Now select 'Update'.
    • Once it downloads and install's, press the 'Home' button to return to normal operations. 
  • Live Channels version 1.21 adds 14 day guide. (Only if connected to internet.)
    • Please allow at least 5 minutes for the guide to update.
    • There could be 'remote control lag' while the guide is updating.
  • If you have have added an app that will integrate into the Live Channels Electronic Program Guide, then the guide can only go out 2 days. 
    • Example; PlutoTV channels can be integrated into the guide.
    • The instruction to add PlutoTV to your Stream+ can be found here
  • If you'd like to have both the 14 day guide and PlutoTV;
    • You'll need to uninstall PlutoTV.
    • Then reinstall without adding the PlutoTV channels to the Live Channels guide. 
    • You can now access PlutoTV from the Home screen, by selecting the PlutoTV tile.

Please note; ‘Live Channels’ is a Google implementation, in collaboration with Channel Master. Channel Master is not responsible for ‘Live Channels’ functions or issues. All Guide data, logos, and images are provided by Google. Any Guide data issues & questions, and bugs should be reported to Google Support.  To include 'data logs' to help Google address your issue, 'Send Feedback'. 

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