My Stream+ Remote Turns my Stream+ Off, but Turns my TV on, or the opposite. (CM-7600)

My Remote Control Power Button does not Turn my Stream+ and TV On/Off Simultaneously 

The Stream+ remote control can command the Stream+ while using the IR output at the end of the remote. You would need to point the remote at the Stream+ so it will receive the command from the remote. 

You can program the Stream+ remote control to command/control your TV's power and volume. You can find that instruction here

The Stream+ Remote Power Button Works in a Toggle Operation. 

  • Press and release the power button and it can turn on the Stream+.
  • Press is again and it can turn it off. 
  • Whenever the power button is pressed, it will change the on or off state of the Stream+
    • If the Stream+ is on and you press the power button, it will turn the Stream+ off. 
    • If the TV is off and you press the power button it will turn the the TV on. 

To get the TV and Stream+ back into sync so they both turn on and off simultaneously/in sync, use your TV remote control to turn the TV power on or off, so it is in the same on or off state as the Stream+. 

Now when you press the power button, the TV and Stream+ will both turn on or off at the same time/simultaneously/in sync. 


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