How To Setup the Stream+ Remote to Control TV Power On/Off (CM-7600)

If you'd like to setup the Stream+ remote to control your TV power and volume, please follow the instructions below. Before you can proceed, you will need to confirm that your remote control is paired to your Stream+ via Bluetooth.

  • Press the Home button on your Stream+ remote control. 
  • Navigate down to Settings and select it. 
  • Navigate down to Channel Master Remote and select it. 
  • Navigate down to TV/AVR Control and select it. 
  • Navigate down to  Power control and select it.
  • Now choose Setup TV.
  • Select Change remote setup for TV power/volume and select it.
    • It might say Setup remote to control power and volume of TV/receiver, if you've not set it up during the Setup Wizard.
  • Select Continue
  • It will ask ''Is this a [tv brand name] TV?" Your choices are Yes and No, select the appropriate choice.
    • Once you select Yes when your TV brand appears on the screen, proceed.
  • Point your remote at the TV to setup.
  • Select Begin test
  • You'll now see similar to "Test CODE 1/5 or 1/7, or 1/22" etc. Each brand could have any number of possible codes to try. e.g. 1/5 means there are 5 code tests. 
  • Press the OK button to begin the test.
  • If your TV Volume indicator is now present on your screen, select Yes. 
  • If your TV Volume indicator does not appear on your TV screen, then select No and move on to the next test, then press the OK button to begin the next test.
  • Once you do see your TV Volume indicator on your screen, and select Yes, you'll briefly see a Success! message. 
  • The Stream+ remote should now be able to turn the TV power off/on.  
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