My remote control only works if pointed directly at the Stream+. (CM-7600 CM7600)

If your 2, AAA, remote control batteries go dead, you'll need to 'pair' the remote to the Stream+ via BlueTooth. 

  • To 'pair' the remote to the Stream+ via Bluetooth. 

    • Point your remote at the Stream+ and press the Home button.
    • Navigate down to Settings and select it by pressing the OK button. 
    • Navigate down to "Bluetooth" and select it.
    • Make sure the 'switch' is Green. If not, press OK to turn Bluetooth on.
    • Press the 'back' button on your remote. (It is the button located above the 'Volume' button, and it has an arrow pointing to the left.) <-  You'll now be back to "Settings" menu.
    • Navigate down to "Add Accessory" and select. (If this is not present in the settings menu, then you must unplug the power from the Stream+ and re-connect power and allow it to boot up.)
    • It will start searching for Bluetooth devices/accessories. 
    • Press and hold, both the "Home" button, and the "OK" buttons. This places the remote in 'pairing mode' and the red light on the remote will begin blinking. You can let go of the two buttons.
    • Keep the remote control close to the Stream+ until it says "Paired" under "Channel Master Remote" on the screen. (This could take over a minute.)
    • You should now be able to control the Stream+ normally.
    • Press the 'Home' button to exit the Settings Menu. 
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