Stream+ Technical Information (CM-7600)


Channel Master Stream+ Hardware:

  • Known Issues: None

 Android TV Operating System::

  • Latest Android TV / Stream+ firmware version: 7.0-1.3.8 (Release Date: 01/18/2019) How to install: Watch Video
  • Feature Requests:
    • Add Netflix App. (Sent Netflix request)
    • Add Amazon Prime Video App. (Sent Amazon request)
    • Add DirecTV Now app. (Sent DirecTV request)
    • To request support for an app, please contact the App developer directly and request for Android TV support on the Channel Master Stream+ device.  To include 'data logs' to help Google address your issue, 'Send Feedback'. 

 External Apps:

  • "Google Live Channels App"
    • Latest Version : 1.22.0 14 day guide.
      • Known Issues: None 
      • Please note; There are some apps available, like PlutoTV, and you can add those channels to the guide. If you integrate the PlutoTV channels into your guide, then you will only be able to see 2 days of OTA Antenna channels. Not 14 days
    • Report issues regarding the Google Live Channels App:
      • To report bugs and issues in the "Google Live Channels App", submit request directly to "Google Live Channels" by sending an email to and write “Live Channels” in the subject line. To include 'data logs' to help Google address your issue, 'Send Feedback'. 
  •  External Hard Drives; Even though we expect most all External Hard Drives to work with the Stream+, there will always be exceptions. At this time there are only 6 models that we know have caused issues.
    1. Seagate GoFlex series.
    2. Verbatim 2tb SNS2TB 2TB 'Store And Save' SNS ,
    3. Toshiba 2TB, HDTB420XK3AA
    4. Toshiba 2 TB HDTW220XS3AA
    5. Western Digital 2TB WDBU6Y0020BBK
    6. Western Digital 2TB WDBKUZ0020BBK

    We do have a substantial amount of experience with one External Hard Drive that works very well with the stream+. That is the Western Digital 1TB WDBUZG0010BBK-WESN.


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