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Known Bugs & Issues for the Stream+ (CM-7600 CM7600)

Here is a list of common issues with Android TV on Stream+ and external apps.  External apps are not built or operated by Channel Master, please report issues directly to external app developers.


Channel Master Stream+ Hardware:

  • Known Issues: None

 Android TV Operating System::

  • Latest Android TV / Stream+ firmware version: 7.0-1.3.1 (Release Date: 04/19/2018) How to install: Watch Video
    • Known Issue: Certain models of external USB hard drives are incompatible (Compiling a list of hard drives with compatibility issues, See List.)
    • Known Issue: Random recording failure. (Researching, possibly Live Channels issue)
    • When any "Accessibility" feature is turned on, the Electronic Program Guide 'view' is changed. You can only see about 1 hours programming at a time instead of 2 hours. 
      • Also, the blue side panel remains prominently on the Guide screen. 
    • Known Issue: Intermittently loses WIFI connection. (Researching, will resolve ASAP)
    • Latest remote control unit firmware version: 15897-12
      • Known Issues: None
    • Feature Requests:
      • Support for watching recordings on other devices over home network. (Researching)
      • Add Netflix App. (Sent Netflix request)
      • Add Amazon Prime Video App. (Sent Amazon request)
      • Add DirecTV Now app. (Sent DirecTV request)
      • To request support for an app, please contact the App developer directly and request for Android TV support on the Channel Master Stream+ device.


 External Apps:

  • "Google Live Channels" App Latest Version : 1.17.0
    • Known Issues: None 
      • Feature Requests:
        • 14 days of guide data displayed in EPG (Request being reviewed by Google)
        • Ability to watch a recording in progress from the beginning. (Request being reviewed by Google)
        • Add antenna signal meter feature in "Google Live Channels" banner. (Request being reviewed by Google)
        • Display available recording storage space in "Google Live Channels" DVR screen. (Request being reviewed by Google)
        • Add indicator on the DVR recording playback box that notifies when a recording failed due to poor signal. (Request being reviewed by Google)
        • Add internet EPG for channels in multiple TV Markets. (Request being reviewed by Google)
        • Add extra recording time before and after a scheduled program if it goes over the scheduled time. (Request being reviewed by Google)
        • Add a feature to schedule only new episodes of a series recording. (Request being reviewed by Google)
        • Add a feature that returns user to EPG or DVR Screen after scheduling a series or deleting a recording (Request being reviewed by Google)
      • To report bugs and issues in the "Google Live Channels App", submit request directly to "Google Live Channels" by sending an email to and write “Live Channels” in the subject line.



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