How do I Resolve Software Update Failure DVR+ (CM-7500)

Updating over Wi-Fi can sometimes be problematic when there are quick drops in internet connection.  You may think the internet connection is solid, because you can use internet applications and other devices do not have issues. You can still have minor drops in connection that are not noticeable when performing other activities such as streaming.

Our software download process requires a consistent internet connection throughout the entire download process, one small drop and it will cause the update to fail and prompt you to retry.  Sometimes you can try multiple times and eventually have it completely download the update but sometimes you will need to update the software using another method.  Please see the alternative methods listed below.

FAQ Synopsis for failed update:

1. Was there a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the DVR+ during your attempt to update the software? WIFI adapter or Ethernet cable must not be connected while updating software.
2. How big is the Flash Drive you were using? 32GB is the maximum size. 2GB to 8GB is suggested. 
3. Has this USB flash drive ever been connected to a PC or Mac? If it was connected to a mac, then you will likely need to reformat the USB drive to FAT32.
4. There can be absolutely no other files or folders on the flash drive.

Detailed instructions;

1. Using a long Ethernet cord, temporarily connect your DVR+ (CM7500) directly to your Modem/router and go to Menu>Settings>Technical Info>Software update and check for the download.  If there is a newer version available it will prompt you to install, select confirm to proceed and your update should download without issues.

Please Note:  If a new software update is not available the DVR+ will inform you that it is currently up to date and it will not perform a download.  To confirm you are on the correct software update, visit this link and compare the current software version with what is listed in your device under Menu>Settings>Technical Info>STB Health.

2. If you do not have an Ethernet cable or step one is not an option for you, please try updating by the USB Method.  To install a new version of software using the USB method follow the steps listed below.


Basic Software Update Using USB Flash Drive 
1. With your computer connected to the internet, go to the link below and download the file. 
2. Select “DVR+ Manual Software Update (USB)”, then scroll down and select “Current Release 135R” (January 2018)
3. When it downloads to your computer, copy it onto an empty 2GB -8GB USB flash drive/Memory Stick.
a. Some USB memory sticks contain files upon purchase. These must be removed.
b. The USB stick must be formatted to FAT32 or FAT. Not NTFS. (Most USB flash drives are sold with FAT32 formatting.)
c. If you are unable to make your USB Stick work, and are not certain of the formatting, check it on your PC and reformat if necessary. 
d. For further info on how to do this, perform an internet search for 'formatting a flash drive with XX Operating System . 
e. e.g. 'How to format a USB drive when using Windows 7 OS'
4. Do not change the DVR+ software update file name, do not place in a folder, and there must not be anything else saved on the USB memory stick.
5. Safely Eject the USB storage drive/memory stick from your PC. 
6. Physically disconnect your External Hard Drive (EHD), WIFI Adaptor and/or Ethernet/LAN cable. This is essential for a successful update.
7. While watching live TV and no onscreen menu’s/GUI are open, Insert the stick in an open USB port on the back of the DVR+.
a. The DVR+ will recognize the USB update and prompt you to confirm the download.
8. Continue to follow the prompts in the Update Wizard, follow the onscreen instructions.
a. you will see a few different screens with progress bars and update info. Approx. 5 minutes total.
9. Remove the USB stick once the DVR+ returns to live TV.
10. Now perform a Default Factory Reset.


Default Factory Reset;
1. Please disconnect your External Hard Drive and WIFI adaptor prior to the Default Factory Reset. (If you are using one.)
2. Please perform a Default factory reset by pressing Menu on your remote. Then select Settings>Factory Reset>Default Factory Reset.
a. This will erase your personal settings, Series schedules, and Passwords. 
b. This will not erase your recordings. 
3. Follow the on screen prompts and allow it to boot-up to live TV.
4. Now you can reinstall your External Hard Drive. 
a. Now you can reinstall your WIFI adaptor.
4. Begin using as normal.



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