DVR+(CM-7500) Manual Software Update (USB)

Click the link and follow the steps below to download and install the current DVR+(CM-7500) software:

Current Release 135R (11/28/2017)

Past Release: 134R (5/10/2016)

Past Release: 132R (1/7/2016)

Past Releases: 124R (6/11/2015)

Past Releases: 114R (11/21/2014)

Past Releases: 111R (9/15/2014)

Past Releases: 108R (5/21/2014)

To manually update your DVR+(CM-7500) software, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link above to download the .str file to your computer

    a. Depending upon your computer, this file may automatically go to your
    "Downloads" folder.

    b. If after the software file download, you get a dialog box asking
    something like 'Do you want to Open or Save (Save To) 135R.... , do not
    choose "Open". Save the file to your desk top or a folder of your choice. 

  2. Transfer the .str file to an empty USB memory stick

IMPORTANT: Make sure there are no other files on the USB memory stick, and do not rename the .str file or place it in a folder.

  1. Insert the USB memory stick with the .str file into one of the USB ports on the back of the DVR+(CM-7500)
  2. When the DVR+(CM-7500) recognizes the software file, you will see a popup on your TV screen notifying you that you are about to update your software. Select CONFIRM.



Although not required, we suggest a factory reset after updating software.  For instructions on how to update software, Click Here.


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