Is Channel Master Free?

Consumers always ask if Channel Master is free as if it were a service?  Channel Master is a brand of TV antennas and accessories, so it doesn't really makes sense to ask if Channel Master is free.  The antennas and accessories that Channel Master sells allow customers to receive local broadcast TV channels for free without a subscription.  For a one time fee you can purchase an over-the-air TV antenna setup which will allow you to receive up to 150 TV channels absolutely free depending on your location.  Click here to enter your address and see how many free channels are available with a Channel Master antenna.  When you purchase a complete Channel Master system from Channel Master directly including the antenna, amplifier, splitters, mounts and cables, Channel Master online tech support team will provide you with self installation guidance and support if needed to get the your new antenna system working.  Channel Master highly encourages customer to use all Channel Master equipment in their setup as it makes it easier to assist with installation issues and troubleshoot if issue arise in the future.

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