FLATenna is not receiving channels


Within 35 miles of the broadcast towers, the FLATenna will normally receive at least a few channels.  It is rare that it will not receive any channels when used within this distance.  


In cases where not a single channel is received, it is most likely the result of an installation issue.


The most common installation issue is when the user performs the channels scan on the TV and selects the incorrect scanning method. Typically the user will scan for "Cable" channels instead of "Antenna" (OTA) Channels.  It is important to know that these are two different types of signals, if your TV is set to scan cable channels then it will not receive a single antenna (OTA) channel.  To resolve the issue, you will need to go in the TV menu and select scan for "Antenna or Air" channels, then scan for channels. 


Antenna placement is also very important.  Antenna signals are line of sight, which means that the signal will have to penetrate the walls of your home and any other obstructions resulting in signal degradation. Please make sure that the antenna is mounted as high as possible and is not located behind a TV or any other electronic device. 


Also ensure all of your coaxial cable connections are secure and there aren't other products installed in line on the coaxial cable between the antenna and the television.


Indoor Antenna reception can be challenging in many locations across the country and certainly in scenarios with interference and obstructions.  Channel Master always recommends an antenna installed outdoor for the best user experience.

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