What are the replacement options for DVR+ Remote Control. (DVR+ remote doest not work or certain buttons have stopped working.)


The DVR+ has been discontinued and unfortunately we no longer offer the original replacement remote control.


The Channel Master Simple remote is primarily designed for Apple TV users but it will control the basic functions on the DVR+. The Simple Remote will allow you to channel up and down, access the guide and menu functions on the DVR+.  The Simple Remote can also be programmed to control the volume, power and mute functions of most popular TV brands including Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Panasonic, Toshiba and more.  (Some older TV's and off brand TV's may not be compatible).


The Simple Remote is available for purchase directly from Channel Master.  



Note: The Channel Master Simple Remote WILL NOT turn the power off on your DVR+.  This remote is designed for use when the inactivity standby mode is turned on.  If you are looking for a full featured replacement remote control, you may be able to find one from a third party like Logitech.  Be advised that we do not endorse or we will not able to provide information on any other remotes on the market.

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