Resolving Audio, Video, HDMI and other issues on the TiVo Edge.


Hardware issues on the TiVo Edge are extremely rare.  

Issues with the TiVo Edge typically fall into 5 main categories.

1. Account Issues:  All TiVo DVRs are required to connect to TiVo's central server for initial activation and for ongoing use.  This includes DVR's purchased with an all-in subscription.  The TiVo Edge will typically provide a message and a customer service number on the screen when there are issues with your account.  If you see this message or have issues with your TiVo account, you will need to contact TiVo for support. Contact TiVo

(If you purchased a TiVo from Channel Master with all-in service, you will need to contact TiVo during initial installation to update your TiVo hardware so that it is listed under an account with your information. If this step is not completed, your hardware will remain listed under a generic Channel Master account and may eventually lose its service.)

2. Audio & Video Issues: The only audio and video issues that we encounter typically result from loose, problematic, and defective HDMI cables, HDMI compatibility issues when routing the HDMI through other devices such as soundbars and audio receivers, TV setting issues including HDMI-CEC settings in the TV, and in many cases the TV is on an incorrect input mode.  To resolve these issues, double check your HDMI connections and TV settings.  If you continue to have audio and or video issues please visit TiVo website for additional troubleshooting support.

3. WiFi & Internet Issues:  The vast majority of WiFi and internet connection issues are typically not related to the TiVo device.  In most cases the issues are the result of your home's WiFi router hardware, software and password settings.  Check your WiFi and networking setup.  If you continue to have WiFi & Internet issues please visit TiVo website for additional troubleshooting support.

4. Remote Control Issues:  If you need assistance with programing your TiVo remote and/or for device compatibility concerns, visit TiVo Website for assistance.  If your DVR won't respond to the TiVo remote control, it could be an issue with the batteries or it may be an interference issue.  Visit the TiVo Website additional troubleshooting support.

5. Channel Issues:  The TiVo Edge requires a strong TV antenna signal to lock onto and save channels.  If you TV antenna signal is weak, TiVo may not display one or more of your channels.  All TV tuners have different sensitivity levels so just because your TV receives a channel it does not mean that your TiVo will receive that channel as well.  If you are missing channels on your TiVo device we highly recommend improving your antenna signal strength (Even if other devices will receive the channel).


For all other TiVo Issues please visit TiVo support.

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