Current DVR+ Internet Guide Update Schedule (CM-7500)

Channel Master's DVR+ server receives updated EPG(Electronic Program Guide) information every week starting at 5:00 PM MST Wednesday until 5:00 PM MST Thursday. Your DVR+ will automatically update with the most available EPG information during the window of 5:00 PM MST Wednesday to 5:00 PM MST Thursday as long as your DVR+ is connected to the internet. Please avoid manually refreshing the EPG, running a full or manual channel scan, hide/unhide channels and the default factory reset unless it is during the window of 5:00 PM MST Wednesday to 5:00 PM MST Thursday. If there is a need to manually refresh the EPG, run a full or manual channel scan, hide/unhide channels or the default factory reset on any other day apart from the window of 5:00 PM MST Wednesday to 5:00 PM MST Thursday, your DVR+ will only have PSIP(Broadcaster provided information, about 2 days worth) until the coming Wednesday.

This coming Wednesday after 5:00 PM MST please complete the following, if your DVR+ guide information is missing or not updating on it's own:
1. Confirm that you have the correct/current zip code entered under Menu>Settings>Time & Date.
2. Confirm that your internet connection is active by going to Menu>Settings>Network Setup. At the bottom of the Network Setup window you'll see Wired Connection Status, Wireless Connection Status and Internet Connection status. You need to have either Wired Connection Status(Ethernet) or Wireless Connection Status(Wi-Fi) say "Connected" and Internet Connection Status needs to as well say "Connected." Once you've confirmed that you have 2 of the 3 items showing "Connected" you can refresh your guide.
3. To refresh your guide info, please go to Menu>Settings>Channel Setup>Antenna Channels>Refresh Internet Guide Data>Confirm. Once you select Confirm you'll be returned to the previous Antenna Channels menu and it will not look like anything is happening on the DVR+, but the update is happening in the background. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour complete. After that time frame, you can check to make sure that all of the guide information is now populated in your guide.

NOTE: If you receive an error message about your internet connection after selecting Confirm on Refresh Internet Guide Data you may need to refresh your internet connection by performing a power cycle(remove power cable from the back of the DVR+ for 10-15 seconds and then reconnect and allow to power back up to live TV). Once the DVR+ is back at live TV, please try again starting at step 2 to confirm internet connection, and Refresh Internet Guide Data again. 

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