How To Setup DVR+ to Receive Only Broadcaster Provided Data with Internet (CM-7500)

If your DVR+ is currently setup to receive internet guide information and you are experiencing issues related to missing guide information(unknown event, no information available), you can downgrade the firmware in your DVR+ so that it will receive reliable PSIP(Program and System Information Protocol) guide information/data from the broadcaster. When setup to receive PSIP guide information/data from the broadcaster you can expect to receive anywhere from a couple of hours up to 4 days of information/data in some cases. In most cases we see an average of about 2 days worth of guide information/data from most broadcasters. 

The first step of this process will be to revert your DVR+'s current firmware to 124r, by following the steps below.

  1. Insert an empty 2-8gb max USB flash/thumb drive into your computer's USB port. 
  2. Please download the firmware 124r onto your computer. 
  3. Now transfer the 124r download file to the empty USB flash/thumb drive, and then eject the drive from your computer.
  4. Disconnect the power cord from the back of your DVR+.
  5. Remove the external hard drive(if you're using one).
  6. Remove the Wi-Fi adaptor or Ethernet connector(which ever you're currently using).
  7. Plug the USB flash/thumb drive into a USB port on the DVR+.
  8. Press and hold the power button on the front of the DVR+.
  9. Plug the power back in while continuing to hold the power button on the front of the DVR+. You'll see the light on the front panel go from red to blue to red, then you can let go of the power button.
  10. Look up at your TV screen, and once you see the DVR+ splash screen appear immediately press the power button and hold it in until you see a solid grey screen appear(about 7-10 seconds) and then you can release the power button.
  11. After a few seconds the grey screen will change to a different screen that shows you the progress of the software download to your DVR+.
  12. When the software download is complete, the DVR+ will reboot on it's own.
  13. When it has completed turning on/booting you can then remove the USB flash drive.
  14. Next, you'll need to complete a Default Factory Reset:
    1. Please leave your external hard drive and Wi-Fi adaptor/Ethernet connector disconnected(if using either one).
    2. Please perform a default factory reset by going to: Settings>Factory Reset>Default Factory Reset.
    a. This will erase your personal settings, series schedules and passwords, but will NOT erase your recordings. 
    c. Follow the on screen prompts to setup your DVR+, and when you are prompted for the ZIP CODE please enter 00000 for the zip code, and complete the rest of the setup wizard to boot-up to live TV.
    3. Now you can reinstall your external hard drive(if you're using one). 
    a. Now you can reinstall your Wi-Fi adaptor/Ethernet Connector(which ever you're using).
    4. Begin using as normal.

Please confirm that you have 00000 entered as the zip code entered under Menu>Settings>Time & Date>Zip Code(should be Orange). If you need to change the zip code that you currently see listed please press OK on the remote and the first digit of the zip code will turn orange. Now, using the numbers on the remote control, enter 00000 then navigate down to Time Zone and press OK.

If Auto Time and Date has the yellow dot, then just press the exit button on your remote. If Auto Time & Date is not selected, please navigate to Auto Time & Date and press OK. When the dot becomes yellow, it should now be activated. Confirm time zone, date and time are correct. Then press the exit button on your remote.

You're now ready to receive the guide data from the your local broadcast stations and you'll no longer see network icons just to the left of the channel numbers. The network icons will be replaced with a white outline of a TV icon.

Now use the channel up + button on your remote to go through each channel to trigger the guide data download. Going forward the guide data download, should be triggered automatically. If you are setting up a series recording, and the guide shows Unknown Event, then you'll need to set it up as a manual recording. Please review this article on how to setup Manual Recording.

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