Attention: DVR+ Customers having issues with guide information not updating, please read.

UPDATE 11/25/19:  Today our DVR+ servers started receiving guide data once again from our provider.  It was identified that this issue stemmed from an outdated data infrastructure that the DVR+ has been relying on since it was developed in 2013.  Although the data from our provider should now be stable, over the next few months our team will be working with our provider to determine if it will be possible to migrate DVR+ customers to the new data infrastructure.  During this period of time you may experience brief outages of guide data where the guide will only go out 10-12 days.

The current Internet guide data infrastructure that is used by the DVR+ has an end of life date of mid 2020, taking this into consideration our team is doing everything possible to ensure that we can continue to support an internet connected guide as long as possible.



11/21/19: The Channel Master DVR+ On-Screen Guide is currently experiencing technical issues with how the guide information is received from our third party data provider.  It has been identified that the issue is on our providers end and they are working closely with our team to get it resolved as soon as possible.  We expect to have a resolution in place by 11/30. 

In the meantime, you can revert your DVR+ to receive its guide information from the broadcaster.  Unfortunately the broadcaster does not offer 14 days of guide information, but it is enough to reschedule your recordings and and for them to reliably record.  To revert your DVR+ to the broadcaster provided guide information, we highly recommend a factory reset first.  This will flush out any scheduled recordings that were set up to be recorded using the internet delivered guide information.  Once the factory reset is complete, you will want to set your Zip code to 00000, this will force the DVR+ to getting its data from the broadcaster instead of the internet.

If you are wondering why we suggest a factory reset?  This is important because the DVR+ works off of name based scheduling and we have seen naming conflicts because of inconsistencies in the naming conventions of the info that is provided over the internet and what is provided by broadcasters.  In addition to inconsistent naming conventions causing issues, the lack of series information from the broadcasters could also cause issues.  If you do not preform a factory reset, you may be at risk of missed recordings and schedule issues.

We expect to have this issue corrected soon but please feel free to check back here for updates regarding this outage.


Channel Master Support

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