Attention: DVR+ Customers having issues with guide information not updating, please read.

UPDATE 1/27/20: 

Over the past several months Channel Master has been working with our guide data provider to try and correct issues with an aging data API which the DVR+ receives its internet guide from. Unfortunately our partner has been unsuccessful with maintaining this API which has caused inconsistent guide data on all DVR+ units over the past few months.
We apologize for the inconvenience but the reliability of the data is outside of our control and unfortunately this is the reality of the current situation. At this point in time we do not see a long term resolution in sight, that being said, for a more consistent experience we highly recommend reverting your DVR+ to receive it’s guide data from the over the air broadcasts. This solution will provide fewer days of guide data and will not be compatible with “New Episodes Only” feature but will still function as a reliable OTA DVR.
Please follow the instructions below to turn off the internet delivered guide and convert your device to receive guide data information from the local broadcaster.
There are a couple of steps that you will need to complete to revert your DVR+ to receive its guide information from the broadcaster. Unfortunately the broadcaster does not offer 14 days of guide information, but it is enough to reschedule your recordings and for them to reliably record. To revert your DVR+ to the broadcaster provided guide information, we highly recommend a default factory reset first. This will flush out any scheduled recordings that had been set up to be recorded using the internet delivered guide information. Once the factory reset is complete, you will want to set your Zip code to 00000, this will force the DVR+ to getting its data from the broadcaster instead of the internet.

If you are wondering why we suggest a factory reset?  This is important because the DVR+ works off of name based scheduling and we have seen naming conflicts because of inconsistencies in the naming conventions of the info that is provided over the internet and what is provided by broadcasters. In addition to inconsistent naming conventions causing issues, the lack of series information from the broadcasters could also cause issues. If you do not preform a factory reset, you may be at risk of missed recordings and schedule issues.

Thank You,

Channel Master Support



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