How do I configure my DVR+ to receive program guide information from the broadcaster over-the-air instead of receiving program guide data over the internet? CM-7500

Please make the following changes to your settings. Keep your internet connected.

  • Change your zip code setting to 00000.
    • On your remote control, press Menu.
    • Now select 'Settings' then 'Time & Date'
    • 'Zip Code' should be Orange. Press OK on the remote and the first digit of the zip code will turn orange.
    • Using the numbers on the remote control, enter the five 0's.
    • Navigate down to 'Time Zone' & Press OK>Navigate to your 'time zone' & Press OK.
    • If "Auto Time and Date" has the yellow dot, then just press the exit button on your remote. 
      • If you won't be keeping the internet connected, then 'disable' Auto Time & Date 
    • If "Auto Time & Date" does not have the yellow dot, and your internet is connected, navigate to 'Auto Time & Date' and press OK>When the dot becomes yellow, press 'Exit' button on your remote.
    • Go back to 'Time & Date' 
      • Confirm 'time zone', 'date' and 'time' are correct. Then press the exit button.
  • You'll now be receiving the 'guide data' from the TV signal. 
  • You'll no longer see 'network icons' just to the left of the channel numbers. 
    • The icons will be replaced with a white outline of a TV.
  • Now use the 'channel up +' button to go through each channel to trigger the guide data download. 
  • Going forward the guide data download, should be triggered automatically. 
  • If you are setting up a 'Series' recording, and the guide shows 'Unknown Event', then you'll need to set it up as a 'manual recording'.
    • You can find the detailed instructions to set up a 'Manual Recording' on the DVR+ right here.
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