Google Live Channels Extended Guide FAQ's (Stream+)

  • Who maintains the accuracy of the guide information?  
    • Google
  • Will guide data be available for all of my channels?
    • No, data will be available for most channels but in some cases there will be channels in which the guide data provider does not have the information.  In this instance the channel guide will be populated with limited information sent directly over the air from the broadcaster.
  • Is there a limit as to how many channels will display 14 days of program guide?  
    • Yes, When the Live Channels app has less than 100 channels it will display the full 14 days.  When the number of channels in the Live Channels app is greater than 100, only 7 days of information will be displayed for all channels.
  • What is the cost for the extended guide information?  
    • None, the information is provided by Google in the latest versions of the Live Channels app on the Stream+.
  •  Will the extended guide information ever go away?  
    • Google has no plans to stop offering this data anytime in the near future.
  • Is it possible to use the voice search feature to search up to 14 days?
    • Yes
  • How can I participate in the Google Live Channels Beta? 


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