How to find PlutoTV 'Video On Demand' movies and TV shows on my Stream+? CM-7600

It you have installed PlutoTV on your Stream+ and want to use the Free 'Video On Demand' channels, follow the instruction below. (You can find the instructions to install PlutoTV here.)

  • While watching a program on PlutoTV, press the 'OK' button on your Stream+ remote. 
  • Navigate left, to "Free Movies & TV Shows", and select it.
  • This will take you to a new screen which shows the available Movies and TV Shows.
  • Navigate to the right to see available "Most Popular Movies".
  • You can continue to navigate to the right to browse through the movies in that row.
  • Navigate down to see additional available titles.
  • Highlight the program that you'd like to watch and select it.
    • You can now watch, pause, rewind, fast forward etc, that program.
    • You cannot record these programs. 
  • To leave the program, press the "Back" button on your remote control.
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