How do I program my CM-7003 Digital to Analog Converter Box remote to control my TV?

NOTE: Do not try to perform Learning/programming in a room with fluorescent lights or a lot of ambient sunlight. This can interfere with the programming.

 Refer to page 3 in the CM-7003 User Guide for additional references/images.

  1. Face the CM-7003 Remote and your TV remote control so the top ends of the remotes, with the IR Output, are facing each other. Closer, is better.
  2. Press and hold the “SET” button on the CM-7003 Remote for 3 seconds.
    1. The red light next to the TV Power button on the CM-7003 Remote will turn from dim red to bright red when it is ready.
    2. You now have 10 seconds to perform step 3 below.
  3. Press the TV Power button on the CM-7003 Remote. (Or one of the other TV Command buttons to be learned.)
  4. The red light will now start blinking.
  5. Press the TV Power button on the TV remote control until the red light flashes on the CM-7003 remote, and then the red light remains on.
  6. Press the ‘SET’ button on the CM-7003 remote control.
  7. The light will go out.
  8. Now try the TV Power button on the CM-7003 Remote control and confirm that the TV turns off/on.
  9. If the TV does not obey the command, then repeat the steps above.
  10. Make sure that you keep the two remotes facing each other, very close.
  11. Make sure that the ambient light in the room is not interfering with the IR learning process.

Repeat the process for the remaining TV buttons after 'TV Power' is “Learned”

  • TV Input/Source.
  • TV Volume UP
  • TV Volume Down
  • TV Volume Mute


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