My CM-7003 Digital to Analog Converter Box is locked or frozen on a channel. Or, keeps re-booting.

There have been reports from certain TV markets where the customer tunes to a specific channel, and then the CM-7003 locks up with that channel number in the display. Also, it could just keep re-booting. 

  1. Document/remember that channel number and read this complete instruction before proceeding.
  2. Unplug the CM-7003 from power and disconnect the antenna.
  3. Now plug the CM-7003 into power and connect to your TV, but no antenna connected.
  4. After it finishes booting up, that same channel will be displayed on the front panel display.
  5. Change the channel to another/different Primary channel.
    1. e.g. If the bad channel is 25.3, tune to 26.x or 24.x, any channel other than a 25.x channel.
    2. If you cannot change the channel, press and hold the power button on the front panel until it re-boots, you'll see a Channel Master boot screen on your TV.
  6. Change the channel to another/different Primary channel, (step 5) and confirm that new channel on the front panel display.
    1. Do not reconnect your antenna yet.
  7. Press the menu button on your remote.
  8. Navigate down to "Program Edit" and press the 'OK' button on remote.
  9. Password is 6 zero's. 000000
  10. Navigate to the problem channels that you want to delete and when it is highlighted, press "4" on the remote.
    1. Do not press OK button prior to pressing ‘4’.
    2. You must start with the primary 'x.1' channel, then 'x.2'. e.g. '25.1', '25.2', (not 25.5, 25.4, 25.3, 25.2, 25.1.)
    3. You must delete all channels in that 'channel set'. e.g. All of the channel 25's.
  11. After pressing ‘4’, “Confirm” that you want to delete that channel with the 'OK' button.
  12. After you have deleted those channels, you can navigate to any other channels you do not want and repeat.
  13. Press the "Exit" button on the remote  after you have finished deleting the unwanted channels.
  14. The deletions will now be saved.
  15. Now you can reconnect your antenna and operate the converter box normally. 
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