There are no program titles in my CM-7004 Converter box, guide.

You must first confirm that the Time, Date, and Time Zone are setup correctly. 

To set Time, Date, and Time Zone;

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote control.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Press the Green button so you are in the ‘System’ Settings.
  4. Navigate to and Set your Time Zone.
    1. If the Time Zone is followed by (DST), that indicates ‘Daylight Savings Time’.
    2. If the Time Zone is not followed by (DST), then it is ‘Standard Time’.
  5. After the correct Time Zone is selected, navigate up to ‘Date/Time’ and select it.
    1. Set the Day, Month, Year, and Time.
    2. Make sure that the correct AM/PM is selected.
    3. Press the Green button to save your settings. 
  6. 'Exit' the Menu and then press the Guide button.
    1. First confirm that it is showing the correct time in the guide.
    2. Confirm that the program in progress 'title' matches the program that is currently ‘in progress’.
  7. Now set up a test recording while in the Guide.
    1. Highlight a program that is in the next time slot after the current 'program in progress’.
    2. Press the OK/Select button on the remote.
    3. You will see a ‘Create Recording’ box.
    4. Make certain that the 'day and time', just under the program title, is correct.
    5. Navigate down to the Green ‘Save’, and press the Green button to complete setting up the recording.
    6. Now, exit the Guide by pressing the Guide button or Exit button, and you will be back to ‘liveTV’.

To further confirm that the time zone and time settings are going to interact correctly with your Guide, please continue. 

  1. Press the DVR button on the remote.
    1. Press the Yellow button to view the Recording "Scheduled".
    2. Confirm that the program that you’d scheduled to record is present and the title is correct.
    3. Confirm that the Date and starting time is correct.
  2. There will not be any indicator in the guide to show that the program is scheduled to record.
  3. After the recording has started, you can confirm that it is indeed recording.
    1. Press the DVR button.
    2. Press the Green button to make sure that you are viewing the "Recordings" screen.
    3. You should now see the program title listed, and there should be a 'red oval', just to the left of the program title, which indicates that it is recording.
  4. If you’d like to stop that ‘Recording In Progress’, you can highlight the program, and then press the Red button on the remote control.
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