A Program was set to Record on my Stream+ but it says "Failed to Tune to the Channel" (CM-7600)

If you see "Failed to tune to the channel", in recording history this would indicate that the Stream+ was not receiving a signal from that channel at the time of the scheduled recording.  If you have a channel that is being received intermittently, you can find more information about receiving ATSC HD TV signals here

If you are using a powered antenna or powered antenna preamp in your system there is a symptom that is becoming common. SYMPTOM: I can only record while the TV is turned on. It's becoming quite common for preamps to operate on 5vdc, and the amp/preamp arrives with a USB power cable. You have a choice to connect the USB power cable to the provided USB wall power adaptor(like a cell phone charger) or you can connect the USB power cable to a USB port on your TV. If you have it connected to the TV USB port, the amp will lose power when you turn the TV off. 

In the scenario above, if you have programs setup to record and your TV is off, your DVR may get poor or no TV signal. Your recording could be of poor quality or no recording at all. 

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