What does the 'Blue ControI Banner' on my screen do, on OTA TV channels?

What do the 'blue control banner' buttons represent? Press the <<, >l, or >> buttons on the remote control to bring up the 'blue control banner'.

  1. "l<" will 'Rewind' to the beginning of that program immediately. 
  2. "<<" will 'Rewind' the program at X2, X3, X4, or X5 speeds.
  3. ">"  is 'Play'.
  4. "ll"  is 'Pause' 
  5. ">>"  will 'Fast Forward' the program at X2, X3, X4, or X5 speeds.
  6. ">l"  will 'Fast Forward' to the 'Live Program', or end of a recorded program, immediately. 
  7. "O" is the 'Record' ball/button. 
    1. When the 'blue control banner' is on screen, you can navigate to the right and the white ball turns red. 
    2. After it turns red, press the OK button on the remote control to start the recording. 
  8. The blue control banner will 'time out'/disappear, approximately 8 seconds after you start playing the program again. 
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