My CM-7004 recorded my program, but when I try to play it, I get an error message.

When you try to play a recording you see "Playback Error. Unrecoverable errors in recording".

If you see that error message, there is nothing that you can do to recover it. However, you can do some things to avoid this going forward.

First thing is to confirm that you have set the Time, Date, and Time Zone correctly

If the TV signal is intermittently poor quality, or no signal can be received, you will get this same message. "Playback Error. Unrecoverable errors in recording".

If you are getting this error quite often, think about whether it is usually on the same channel or in the same time frame. You might have a problem with a certain channel. 

As a test;  Lets say you record a program on a certain channel every weekday at 10:30pm. This is the program that usually has the problem. You'll need to actually watch that program while it is being recorded. Then, after the program has finished and stopped recording, play that recording. (Press the DVR button>Yellow button> select the recording to play it back. The recording should be the same quality as what you just watched. 

If you are using a powered antenna or powered antenna preamp in your system, there is a symptom that is becoming common. Symptom, 'I can only record while the TV is turned on.' It's becoming quite common for preamps to operate on 5vdc, and the amp/preamp arrives with a USB power cable. You have a choice to connect the USB power cable to the provided USB wall power adaptor, (Like a cell phone charger) or, you can connect the USB power cable to a USB port on your TV. If you have it connected to the TV USB port, the amp will lose power when you turn the TV off. 

In the scenario above, if you have programs setup to record, and your TV is off, your DVR may get poor or no TV signal. Your recording could be of poor quality or no recording at all.  

Please note; The CM-7004 has been designed as a Digital signal to Analog signal converter. Primarily the CM7004 is used to accommodate older Analog TV's that do not have an HD ATSC tuner, or a  Digital display that does not have an HD ATSC Tuner installed. 

Secondary to that, it will also record TV programs. This is an economy set top box and has limited Recording options

*Enabling basic recording capability requires a USB drive (Flash or Solid State), minimum 16GB and maximum 128GB and has been formatted to FAT32. IMPORTANT: The USB drive must be a new, first-time use device in order to be properly formatted for use with ConverterBox.


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