Why does my CM-7004 say my new storage device "Format is not supported"?

Storage devices that are not formatted to FAT32 will not install on the CM-7004.

  • USB storage devices that are 32GB and smaller are normally formatted to FAT32 from the factory. 
  • If you install a USB storage device, not formatted to FAT32, you'll receive this message. "Format is not supported. Please use USB disk in FAT32 format."
  • If you leave the incompatible device connected to the CM-7004, you will see this following message. "USB Initializing. DVR will be available shortly.
    • This continues on and on forever until you remove the storage device and/or remove power to the CM-7004.  

How to make your Storage Device compatible to use as storage in the CM-7004.

If you have a PC, you can go to a link like this for instructions to format a 128GB USB flash drive to FAT32. 

If you have a Mac, you can go to a link like for instructions to format a 128GB USB flash drive to FAT32.  

Please note; The CM-7004 has been designed as a Digital signal to Analog signal converter. Primarily the CM7004 is used to accommodate older Analog TV's that do not have an HD ATSC tuner, or a  Digital TV/display, that does not have a Tuner installed. 

Secondary to that, it also will record programs. This is an economy set top box and has limited Recording options. 


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