I'm confused about the inputs and switches on the Amplify+ CM-7778HD

When you receive your CM-7778HD, the 'default switch settings' are;

  • FM Trap switch = IN/ON position
  • Combined/Separate switch = Combined position
  • High/Low switch = Low position

If you want to change operation selections, please refer to your instruction guide to locate the correct switches.  You can gain access to the 3 switches by removing the 4 screws and lifting the In/Out panel out of the housing. If the rubber seal becomes dislodged when you open it, make certain that you return it to the trough, to ensure a proper moisture seal.

  • UHF input port signals in 'Separate' switch position. 
    • When 'Separate' is selected, the UHf port will pass UHF signals only.
    • When 'Separate' is selected, the VHF port will pass VHF signals only.
  • UHF input port signals in 'Combined' switch position.
    • When 'Combined' is selected, the the UHF port will pass both VHF and UHF signals.
    • When 'Combined' is selected, the VHF port is disabled. 
  • FM Trap ON/OFF switch position.
    • If you have an FM transmitter near by, it can cause interference to channels 6 & 7. (If strong enough, it can affect others as well.)
    • In the IN/ON position, the FM trap will block the FM signals.
    • In the OFF position, it will allow the FM signals to pass and be amplified. 
  • High/Low gain signals switch.
    • You have a choice of 17dB Low gain, or 30dB High gain.
    •  The 17dB setting is used for most installations.
    • The 30 dB setting would only be used if you have all weak signals in your area and you have very long cable leads to multiple TV's. 
    • You want to use as little amplification as is possible.
    • Too much gain/high signal levels, can actually hurt your signals.
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