The Guide in my Stream+ is not showing all of the channels that it scanned in.

To see why you are not seeing all of you channels in the guide, there could be 2 reasons. 

1. Guide is not in "All Channel" category.

  • Press the guide button. 
  • Now navigate to the left and you will see the blue guide categories banner on the left of the guide. 
  • If "All Channels" is not highlighted, you will not see all of your channels in the guide.
  • Navigate up to "All Channels" so it is highlighted.
  • You should now see all channels in your guide.   

2. Some channels have been hidden.

  • While watching live TV, press the OK button on the remote control.
  • Navigate down to 'TV Options' and select it.
  • Navigate right to 'Settings' and select it.
  • Navigate to 'Customize Channel Lists' and select it.
  • As you navigate through the channels, that specific channel that you highlight will appear in a small PIP on your screen.
  • You can now 'de-select' any unwanted channels. (Blue Check mark will disappear.) 
  • If you change your mind, you can re-select that channel.
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