The Live Channels Program Guide in my Stream+ is not showing all of the channels that it scanned in.

There could be multiple reasons why you are not seeing all of you channels in the guide.

1. Program Guide is not in "All Channel" category.

  • Press the guide button. 
  • Now navigate to the left and you will see the blue guide categories banner on the left of the guide. 
  • If "All Channels" is not 'highlighted white', you will not see all of your channels in the guide.
  • Navigate up to "All Channels" so it is highlighted.
  • Navigate right to the Live Channels program guide.
  • You should now see all channels in your guide.   

2. Some channels may have been hidden during the Channel Scan.

  • While watching a live TV, press the 'pause' button, or the OK button on the remote control.
    • If all of your channels are missing, select channel 1-1 Preview channel and watch it. 
  • Navigate down to 'TV Options' (do not select "Closed Captions" with the OK button).
  • Navigate right to 'Settings' and select it.
  • Navigate to 'Customize Channel Lists' and select it.
    • You may need to navigate 'UP' to locate 'Customize Channel List' and "Group By",on the screen.
  • Navigate down to 'Select Group', and select it. 
    • Now all channels should have the blue box, with a check mark in that box.
    • When you return to the Program Guide, all of your channels will now be listed.
    • Please note, if a channel set is now listed in the guide, but when you attempt to view it and you just get 'Weak Signal', you will need to perform a Factory Data Reset.
      • Press the Home button>Settings>Storage and reset>Factory Data reset.
  • While in Customize Channel List, you can 'de-select' any unwanted channels. (Blue Check mark will disappear.) 
  • If you change your mind, you can re-select that channel.

3. All of my TV channels are missing from the Live Channels program guide after I did a new channel scan.

  • Follow the instructions in #2 above.
    • You will not be able to 'Pause' 1-1.
    • You will need to press the OK button.
    • You'll need to perform the instructions quickly, or the screen will 'time out', and you'll need to start over again.
  • Select all of the channels that you want to appear in your Live Channels Guide.

4. All of my PlutoTV channels have disappeared  from my Live Channels program guide. 

  • Follow the instructions in #2 above.
  • Select all of the channels that you want to appear in your Live Channels Guide.
  • IF you enable the Pluto TV channels in the Program Guide, you will not be able to get 14 days of guide info for the OTA Antenna channels. (Only 48 hours)

5. If you still are missing PlutoTV guide information follow this instruction.

  • Watch a live TV channel. 
  • Press the OK button. 
  • Navigate down to TV Options.
  • Navigate right to Settings and select it.
  • Highlight Channel Sources and select it.
  • Highlight "PlutoTV" and select it.
  • Navigate right to 'Done'.
  • If you have loaded other apps, (PlutoTV, Haystack, Cumulus, etc, and they are no longer in the guide, then highlight and select that source. Then select Done.
  • The guide should begin to populate those channels. 


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