How can I setup a recording that is more than 2 days away on my ConverterBox. CM-7004)

The CM-7004 ConverterBox has the ability to display 48 hours of guide data. Unfortunately, many TV station signals do not provide that much guide data. So, if you want to setup  recording and it is not shown in the CM-7004 guide, it would appear that you cannot set that recording up. 

In fact, you can schedule a recording that is several days out. 

  • Turn on the CM-7004 and tune it to any channel.
  • Press the record button on the remote. (black button with red circle)
  • This brings up the 'Create Recording' screen.
  • Highlight the channel number and use the Left/Right arrows to select the channel.
  • Navigate down to Day and use Left/Right arrows to choose the date. 
  • Continue to  input the month, year, start/end time, choose how often you want to record it, and then the how long you want to keep it.
  • Press the Green button on your remote to save those settings.  
  • Now press the Menu button to choose 'DVR'  and then the yellow button to see what is scheduled. You should see that program there. 
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