How do I install PlutoTV from Google Play Store on my Stream+?

Here is a quick tutorial on 'How to install PlutoTV on my Stream+/CM-7600'. 

Install the PlutoTV App from Google PlayStore:

  1. Press the HOME button on your remote.
  2. Navigate down to “Google Play Store” under “Apps” row and hit “OK”.
  3. To search for the “PlutoTV” App, navigate up to the“Magnifying glass icon,search icon and press “OK”.
    1. Now clearly say, “PlutoTV”into the mic holes at the top of the remote. 
    2. If it does not recognize the correct word, press the Mic button on the bottom right of the remote control and clearly say “PlutoTV”, or just "Pluto".
  4. You should now see the “PlutoTV” app. Navigate down to the “PlutoTV” tile and press “OK” button.
  5. Choose “Install” and allow it to finish the download.
    1. Note; if this is the first time that you have been to the Google Play Store, on this Stream+, there will be about a 1 minute delay before it begins installing the app, while Google Store updates information.
    2. Press the Home button and you will see blue progress bars under the 4 'Google' Apps are updating. 
    3. Once that has completed, you can proceed to integrate Pluto into the Live Channels Guide. 

*To integrate PlutoTV into “Live Channels Program Guide”;

  1. While watching a live TV program in progress, press the “OK” button.
  2. Navigate to "New Channels Available" and press “OK” button.
  3. Highlight and Select “PlutoTV/New”.
  4. In a few seconds, you should see “PlutoTV, 150 Channels”. (That number could change as they add/subtract channels.)
  5. Navigate right, to “DONE” and press “OK” button.
  6. Press “GUIDE” button on remote control.
  7. Now you can see the “PlutoTV” channels included in the guide, after your highest OTA antenna channel number.
  8. Select the channel from the listed channels on PlutoTV, as you would any other channel in the guide. 

If you missed a step in the initial setup of PlutoTV, and the channels did not get integrated into the EPG, then you can follow these instructions below.

  1. Go to the Electronic program Guide and select a channel to watch.
  2. Press the OK button on the remote, and navigate down to 'TV Options'. 
  3. Navigate right, to Settings and select it. 
  4. Navigate down, to 'Channel Sources', and select it. 
  5. Highlight 'Pluto TV.
    1. If the PlutoTV has not been integrated into the EPG, then you should see 'Not set up', under 'PlutoTV'.
  6. Select 'Pluto TV' and you'll briefly see a PlutoTV screen saver.
  7. You'll now see a 'Setup your sources' screen, and make sure that 'Pluto TV' is highlighted. 
    1. Highlight it, but do not Select it. 
    2. You'll briefly see a message about '### Channels Added'. e.g. 151 Channels added.
  8. Navigate to the right to 'Done' and select it.
    1.  You'll see a screen that lists the Pluto TV channels.
  9. Press the Home button, then press the Guide button. 
  10. You should now see Pluto TV channels, starting at channel 50, and ending in the 900's.
    1. You'll see a few hours of EPG info for most of the PlutoTV channels.
    2. You'll see about 6 days of EPG data on the antenna channels. (Live Channels version 1.21. This could change with software updates. )

To find the 'Video On Demand' movies and TV shows, the instruction is here

*Note; If you install another app or make other changes to a 'Live Channels' app, you may need to reactivate the PlutoTV app in the program guide. You can find that simple instruction here

**Each app will install differently. We are not experts on the hundreds of apps that are available on the Google Play Store and cannot provide app installation support. If you are having issues with installing an app, do a search online like, 'How do I install the Pluto app on Android TV'. 

Please note; ‘Live Channels’ is a Google implementation, in collaboration with Channel Master. Channel Master is not responsible for ‘Live Channels’ functions or issues. All Guide data, logos, and images are provided by Google. Any Guide data issues & questions, and bugs should be reported to Google Support. 

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