I have 2 Stream+ Units Connected to the Same TV and the Remote Controls Both Units. (CM-7600)

If you have 2 Stream+ units in the same room/vicinity, the IR remotes will send the same command to both of the Stream+ units. The IR signal from all Stream+ remotes will command all Stream+ units that can receive that IR signal. If you want to control Stream+ #1 and Stream+ #2 separately, you can do the following if each STREAM+ is already paired via Bluetooth--you just need to block the IR signals.

Remove the power from Stream+ #2 and pull the batteries out of its remote. 

Apply power to Stream+ #1, and put the batteries in its remote. 

To pair the remote to the Stream+ via Bluetooth:

  • Point your remote at the Stream+ and press the home button.
  • Navigate down to settings and select it by pressing the OK button. 
  • Navigate down to Bluetooth and select it.
  • Make sure the switch is green/ON. If not, press OK button to turn Bluetooth ON.
  • Press the back button on your remote. (It is the button located above the volume button, and it has an arrow pointing to the left.) <-  You'll now be back to settings menu.
  • Navigate down to add accessory and select. (If this is not present in the settings menu, then you must unplug the power from the Stream+ and reconnect power and allow it to boot up.)
  • It will now begin searching for Bluetooth devices/accessories. 
  • Press and hold both the home button and the OK buttons on the remote. This places the remote in pairing mode and the red light on the remote will begin blinking. Once it begins to blink, you can let go of the two buttons.
  • Keep the remote control close to the Stream+ until you see paired under Channel Master Remote on the screen. (This could take over a minute)
  • You should now be able to control the Stream+ normally.
  • Press the home button to exit the settings menu. 

Now, remove the power from Stream+#1 and remove the batteries from its remote.

You can now apply power to Stream+ #2 and insert its batteries. Repeat the procedure as you did with Stream+ #1.  When complete turn the power off.

Now you can apply power to Stream+ #1 and insert the batteries. Cover the IR emitting diode at the top end of the remote control and press the OK button. You will see connecting to channel master remote on the screen and it will then be paired with Stream+ #1. 

***Now here is where you must decide what to do. You can either block the IR signal at the end of the remotes with your hand every time you use it, or you could put black electrical tape over the IR emitter. You can also put black electrical tape over the IR sensors on the front of the Stream+. Those IR sensors are located just below channel master on the front of the Stream+.

Alternatively, you can place the Stream+ units where they cannot receive the IR signals from the remotes. It would still be a good idea to tape over the IR sensors on the front of the Stream+ in this scenario.

You have paired these remotes to the Stream+ units via Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth signals are unique to each Stream+. The Bluetooth remote signals will not interfere or affect a different Stream+. 

So now you can use one remote for each Stream+ without interfering with the other Stream+. 



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