How To Send a Message to Google if I Experience a Problem with Live Channels on the Stream+? (CM-7600)

If you notice an issue with any Live Channels functions, you can Send Feedback to Google live Channels. 

  • While watching a live antenna program, press the OK button on your remote.
  • Navigate down to TV Options.
  • Navigate right to Settings.
  • Navigate down to Send Feedback(it has green Android icon). Select Always, then Accept.
  • Now you can press the OK button on your remote and it brings up a keyboard on your screen. You use the Navigation arrows and the OK button to write your message.
    • If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, you can Pair it to the Stream+ prior to going to the  Send Feedback screen.
  • Make certain that you have a check-mark on Include System Data. 
    • This will send the Log-Data so they can analyze the data that is related to your issue. 
  • You now have a choice of Cancel, Preview, or Send. Select Send when you have your message complete.
  • NOTE: Normally, you will not expect to receive any response from Google, but you can include your email address in case they need to contact you.   

NOTE: Live Channels is a Google implementation, in collaboration with Channel Master. Channel Master is not responsible for Live Channels functions or issues. All Guide data, logos, and images are provided by Google. Any Guide data issues & questions, and bugs should be reported to Google Support. 

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