Software Release Notes (7.0-1.3.1 & 7.0-1.3.8)

Software version 7.0-1.3.1was released on Thursday April 19thand provides bug fixes and enhancements as listed below.  (Replaces version 7.0-1.2.6)


Bug Fix:Resolves issue of recordings not playing back after 48 hours.

Bug Fix:Resolves issue of not being able to schedule certain programming as a series recording.

Bug Fix:Resolves issue of Dolby Digital 5.1 audio not passing to receiver

Bug Fix:Resolves issue of video jitter when recording two programs simultaneously

Bug Fix:Resolves issue of intermittent failed recordings

Feature Enhancement:“Beta” USB Hard Drive Support


New Live Channels Software version: 1.17.0 (Included in system update 7.0-1.3.1)

Live Channels Feature Enhancement:14 days of guide data included in voice search, allows users to search for and schedule OTA programming up to 14 days out. (Only two days of guide info will still display in the on-screen guide.)

Live Channels Feature Enhancement:DVR screen now has option to display entire list of scheduled and recorded programs.

New Live Channels update, 1.19.0. (Included in system update 7.0-1.3.8) Now supports 14 day Electronic Program Guide. You will need to log in to 'Google Play Store' for the 1.19 Live Channels update to take affect.

Software Version 7.0-1.3.8, released 12/12/2018, provides fixes for WIFI connection issues, "Out Of Range" and "IP Configuration Failure" messages.

New Live Channels update, 1.21.0, released 5/28/2019. Addresses mis-filed recordings in recording history categories. 

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