How To Assemble the Adjustable Eave Mount(CM-9030)

The Channel Master Adjustable Eave Mount(CM-9030) is most often used to mount a mast to the eaves at the peak of a roof.

There are 3 mounting points.

  1. The 3” stand off mount is installed near the peak of the roof.
  2. The adjustable lower bracket(s) are secured at 2 points on the eave, which is normally 2’ to 3’ below the peak of the roof.
    1. The lower bracket is expandable 45” to 60”.
  3. The mast is not included with the mount.
  4. The mount can accommodate masts between 1.5” to 2.5” in diameter.
  5. If the mast is going to extend above the upper mount more than 5 ft, you need to consider using guy wires to stabilize the mast(especially when using a larger antenna).

What's Included

  1. Expandable Eave Mount, 45” to 60”
  2. 3” Stand-Off Mount
  3. (2) Lag Bolts

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the upper 3” stand off wall mount to the fascia boards at the peak of your roof.
    1. Using a ~ 1/8” 3/16" drill bit about ½ the size of the 2” lag bolts, pre drill the pilot holes for the 2 lag bolts.
    2. Tighten the lag bolts firmly, while avoiding over tightening, which would strip out the pilot holes.
    3. Install one of the provided mast clamp straps to the upper mount, using 2 of the provided 2 ½” carriage bolts and nuts, leaving them loose enough to insert the mast.
  2. Determine the location/height where you want to mount the lower bracket(s).
  3. Measure the span where the lower bracket will be installed and assemble the lower mast bracket to that approximate length.
    1. Fit the two lower mount sections together so that the square bolt holes align up together and the overall length of the bracket is appropriate for the span from eave to eave.
    2. Use the (2) 5/8” long carriage bolts with nuts to secure the 2 brackets together. Do not use the 2 holes that are in the center of the bracket. Those will be used for the mast mount clamp strap.
    3. Find the 2 center holes of this bracket and install the mast clamp strap using the (2) 2 ½” carriage bolts and nuts.
    4. Place the bottom of the mast into the lower bracket and tighten the nuts to secure the mast with the mast clamp strap.
  4. Insert the top of the mast through the upper mast mount, so the position of the lower mast mount bracket is at the location/height where it is to be installed, and tighten the upper mast clamp/bolts.
    1. This will hold the lower bracket in place while you prepare to install it.
    2. Use a level to position the lower bracket, and mark your (2) lag bolt holes.
    3. Drill a ~1/8” pilot hole for each 2” Lag Bolts.
    4. Tighten the lag bolts firmly but avoid stripping the pilot holes.
    5. Drill a 13/64” hole into the mast, using the center hole in the upper or lower mast clamp strap, as the guide(Image Fig 6).
    6. Install the ¾” self tapping lag screw into that hole to keep the mast from turning.
  5. You can now mount your antenna to the mast.

    NOTE: If the mast extends more than 5’ above the upper mast mount, you should consider using guy wires to stabilize the mast.
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