USB Hard Drives with Known Compatibility Issues. Stream+ CM-7600

Even though we expect most all External Hard Drives to work with the Stream+, there will always be exceptions. At this time there are only 14 models that we know have caused issues. As of 5/01/2020

  1. Seagate GoFlex series.
  2. Seagate 2TB, SRD00F1 1K9AP6-502
  3. Seagate 2TB, STHN2000403 Backup Plus Slim 
  4. Seagate 1TB, STHN2000400 Backup Plus Slim SRD0VN2 
  5. Seagate 1TB STGX1000400
  6. Verbatim 2tb SNS2TB 2TB 'Store And Save' SNS ,
  7. Verbatim 1TB ST1000LM "Store and Go' SNG
  8. Toshiba 1TB HBTB410XK3AA
  9. Toshiba 2TB, HDTB420XK3AA
  10. Toshiba 2 TB HDTW220XS3AA
  11. Toshiba 1TB (HDTC910XL3AA)
  12. Western Digital 2TB WDBU6Y0020BBK
  13. Western Digital 2TB WDBKUZ0020BBK
  14. Western Digital 2TB WDBYVG0020BBK

We do have a substantial amount of experience with one External Hard Drive that works very well with the stream+. That is the Western Digital 1TB WDBUZG0010BBK-WESN.

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