Can I use a Distribution Amplifier and a Preamplifier in my Antenna System?

You certainly can use a distribution amplifier and a preamplifier together in the same antenna system. However, they must be installed so that they both receive power. If the distribution amplifier is installed between the preamplifier, and the preamplifiers power source, the distribution amplifier will block the voltage that needs to get to the preamplifier. This would result in No Signal. 

There can be many configurations so we will not be able to address every possible system configuration. In a nut shell, this sequence description below is how the components would be connected in a simplified installation. 

Antenna connected with a short cable to the preamplifier Input>Preamp Output connected to its power inserter Input or Out to AMP port>Power inserter TO TV port, connected to distribution amplifier RF Input port>distribution amplifier Power IN port, to its power adapter. 

Some distribution amplifiers also have a power inserter option. A power inserter can be connected to one of the distribution amplifier output ports, that is also labeled Power in. 

If you have one of the antennas with a built in preamplifier, it would be connected as described above. However, the preamplifier power inserter/supply is generally connected behind one of your TV's. That can be a little tricky, but you'd have to connect the preamplifier power inserter TO TV port, to a cable that goes back into your system to the location where your distribution amplifier is located. This would be at the demarcation point where all of your coax cable ends are accessible(Where all of the cable Home Runs come together). 

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