My DVR+ remote will no longer control my DVR+. (CM-7500 CM7500)

There are various reasons that the remote control does not command your DVR+.

Most common reason for the original DVR+ 'flat remote with the 4 colored buttons across the middle' would be batteries. This remote uses CR2032 'coin' style batteries. Depending upon the quality of the batteries and the amount of use, they may need to be replaced once or twice a year. 

The most common issue/symptom with the 2nd generation remote (Slightly hourglass shaped with colored buttons across the top) not controlling your DVR+, is if it was working fine until 'Pairing' it to your TV. (See additional details below.) 

A rather 'rare' reason for the remote control to stop commanding your DVR+ is caused by the External Hard Drive. (EHD) This issue usually begins with intermittent long lags to obey commands. The lag can range from a few seconds to a few minutes! This issue may get progressively worse until finally, it appears that the DVR+ no longer obey's commands from the remote at all.  If this is the case you can test by following the the instruction below. 

  • Unplug the DVR+ from power.
  • Now physically disconnect the EHD from the DVR+.
  • You can now reconnect the power to the DVR+ and allow it to boot up to live TV. 
  • Now test your remote commands without the EHD connected. If it still has long lag's, unplug the power from the DVR+ for a few moments and then plug the power back in. 
  • You now should have regained proper operation with remote commands.
  • Now perform a Default Factory Reset  

 Remote control worked fine until I tried to pair it to my TV. 2nd generation remote, CM-7500XRC2)

  • Clear all user presets and set to factory default configuration.
    1. Press and hold the Setup button until it blinks 2 times, then release and press 980. The power button should now blink 4 times.
    2. Press and hold the Setup button until it blinks 2 times, then release and press 977. The power button should now blink 4 times.
    3. Test the remote operation. If no response, proceed to #4.
    4. Repeat step 2 and test. May take up to 4 times.
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