How to Connect the Stream+ via WPS to a Network? (CM-7600)

WPS(WPS = Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a Wi-Fi protocol/standard, that allows you to easily connect the Stream+ to a Wi-Fi router/modem without needing Pass Phrases/Password. Most Wi-Fi routers will have a WPS button. It could be labeled WPS or it could be an icon of the manufacturer's choice. Consult your Wi-Fi router/modem user guide if you are not sure. 

  • Press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Navigate down to Settings and select it.
  • Then select Network
  • Navigate down to Connect via WPS and select it.
  • You will see a message on the screen "Searching for WPS Router..."
  • It will also prompt you to Press the WPS button on your router/modem... You may need to press and hold the button or press and release the button.
  • When the Stream+ has located the Wi-Fi router/modem that is in WPS mode you'll see "Obtaining IP Address."
  • Then you should see "Connected Successfully." 
  • Now in the Network settings, you should see the name of your Wi-Fi router with Connected under that name. 
  • To check the Wi-Fi signal strength, highlight your network name and select it. 
  • 4 lines down you'll see Signal Strength and you should see "Excellent" under that.
  • If it is not Excellent, you can try moving your Stream+ higher, or away from other electronics. You can also try to reorient the position of your Wi-Fi router/modem. 
  • You can now press the Home button on your remote and begin using your Stream+.
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