How do I remove/eject my SDcard or USB storage card from my Stream+ (CM-7600 CM7600)

If for any reason you need to remove the Storage Device from your Stream+, please do the following.

If you are using an External Hard Drive (EHD), use the same instructions as below, but substitute EHD for SD Card.

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Navigate down to Settings and select.
  • Navigate down to Storage and Reset and select.
  • Select your SD card or USB Storage name.
  • Highlight the first choice, 'Eject', and select.
  • Navigate down to 'Eject' again and select.
  • You'll see a screen saying that your SDcard or USB storage has been removed.
  • You can now physically remove the SD Card by pressing gently on the card until you feel a click. Now release the pressure on the card. Or, just remove the USB Storage.
  • It is now free to be removed. 
  • To reinstall the SD card, place it in the slot and gently push it in until you feel a click. Then release the pressure and the SD card will stay in the slot. Or, just reconnect the USB Storage.
  • You will see a brief message saying 'SD Card reconnected', or USB Storage.
  • To confirm that it installed correctly, start watching a program and then press Pause button. It should now have all of the DVR functions again. (Unless you tried a different SD Card while this first SD Card was ejected. If that is the case, see article, 'I cannot record after I changed my storage card.')
  • If you are going to install a different storage device, you'll need to follow the instructions found here
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