My Stream+ remote works fine until I connect it to my AV Receiver. (CM-7600 CM7600)

If you are connecting your Stream+ to a Home Theater/AV Receiver with the HDMI cable, and you have issues, but, if you connect it directly to a TV it works ok, the issue may stem from an interaction with CEC signals. Try the following instruction as a test.

  • Press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Navigate down to Settings and select it. 
  • Navigate down to HDMI and select it.
  • Turn off "HDMI CEC" and "CEC Volume Control" (The switch should be white, not green.)
  • Now press the 'Home' button to exit 'Settings'.
  • Now try connecting your system again. 
  • You may need to disconnect both units from power, reconnect them to power, then after they boot up, try connecting the HDMI cable.
  • You may need to try disabling the CEC feature in the AV Receiver as a test.  
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