How do I Disable/Reset the Power Off/On for my TV with the Stream+ Remote Control? (CM-7600)


If you had programmed the Stream+ remote to control your TV, but have decided that you'd like to change that, please do the following;

  • Press the 'Home' button on your remote.
  • Navigate down to 'Settings' and select it.
  • Navigate down to 'Channel Master Remote' and select it.
  • Select 'Power Control'.
  • Select 'Change Remote Setup For TV Power/Volume'.  
  • Select 'Continue',
  • The screen should ask, "Is this a 'your tv brand' TV?"
  • Select NO
  • Now the screen will say "Select you TV brand"
  • Highlight a brand, other than the brand of TV that you actually have, and select it.
  • Screen will say "Point your remote at the TV to setup".
  • Select "Begin Test",  then 'OK' to actually begin the test.
  • Screen will say "Did the TV volume change?" (Did the Volume indicator appear on your screen.)
  • Select "YES", even though you did not see the Volume indicator on the TV screen. 
  • The Screen will briefly show 'Success', then it goes back to Remote Control Setup page and you will see "IR TV", and under that you will see the brand of TV that you had chosen in the previous steps.
  • Highlight "IR TV" and press OK. The blue/green switch will change to gray. (Off)
  • The Stream+ remote should no longer operate your TV, but will continue to operate your Stream+.

If this was not successful, please proceed to take your remote back to factory settings; 

  • Factory Reset mode
  •  Press 'Home' and '0' keys for longer than 4 seconds. Red LED stays ON while pressing 'Home' and '0' keys.
  • The remote blinks 3 times to confirm that it is deleting the existing pairing table and TV & Audio IR setting.
  • When Factory Reset is completed, LED goes OFF and the remote works only in IR mode to command the Stream+, so you need to point the remote at the front of the Stream+.
  • Now you need to 'Un-pair' the remote.
  • Press 'Home' button>Settings>Channel Master Remote>Un-pair>OK. At this point the remote will only command the Stream+ via IR.
  • Press the Home button>Settings>Add accessories>Press the Home and OK buttons until the red light on the remote begins to blink. It is now in pairing mode. Keep it pointed at the front of the Stream+.
  • Once you see 'Channel Master Remote' at the top of the page, select it with the OK button.
  • On screen you'll see 'Connecting to Channel Master Remote'
  • In a short time you'll see "Paired" at the top/right of the screen.
  • You'll see 'Channel Master Remote Connected' and it will once again be populated in the Settings Menu. 
  • You should now be able to command your Stream+ via Bluetooth.


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