There are black bars across the top and bottom of my CM-7004 picture.(CM7004)

If your picture looks stretched across the screen and you have black bars across the top and bottom of the picture, change the "Video" setting. 

  • Press the 'Menu' button on your remote control.
  • Navigate down to "Settings" and select.
  • Press the Green button.
  • Navigate and highlight "Video".
  • Press the OK/Select button to change the aspect ratio setting.
  • "Full Screen" is normally best for most HD TV's.  
  • If you use the CM-7004 with an older Standard Definition TV, change the Video setting to fill your screen. 

Note; Most High Definition (HD) channels are transmitted in the 16:9 aspect ratio so "Full Screen" setting is likely correct for those programs if you are watching them on an HD TV. Standard Definition (SD) signals can be transmitted in Wide screen 16:9 or  Standard 4:3 format. You may need to change the 'Video' setting for certain SD programs. 


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