I see black bars around the edges of the picture when using the Stream+ (CM7600 CM-7600)

If you think that you are not seeing the entire picture, or if you see black bars around 1 or more sides of the pictures, you can make adjustments to correct this. 

  • Before trying the procedures below, make sure that you have the Stream+ connected directly to your TV/Display. If you have your Stream+ connected to your display through an HDMI switch, or through a Home Theater AV Receiver, these could contribute to your issues. 

Note; Only make this first adjustment procedure if you have the issue on High Definition (HD) channels. (To re-size Standard Definition (SD) channels, the instruction is below this first instruction.)

  • Press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Navigate down to 'Settings' and select it.
  • Navigate down to "Display" and select it.
  • Navigate down to "Overscan" and select it.
  • Select "No, Start with default" and select it.
  • You will now see the 'Maximize your screen area', select 'Next'.
  • You will see the black edges on all sides of the white screen.
  • You now have the opportunity to press the navigation arrows to increase the 'Vertical Height' of the screen. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Then you will adjust the 'Right Horizontal Size', 'Lower Vertical Size, and finally the"Left Horizontal Size'.  
  • Now you have a choice to "Finish", or "Start Over" if you are not satisfied with the results.
  • Now, if you see improper 'sizing' on certain channels, you'll know that it is the 'signal' that is being transmitted/received.

If you have black bars around a Standard Definition (SD) channel, there are some things to consider, and to try. 

  • Most SD programs are transmitted 480i, 704 X 480 lines, 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  • Occasionally an SD program is transmitted at 480i(W), 704 X 480 lines, 16:9 Aspect ratio.
  • If you do not like the way your SD program is sized, there are settings in your TV, and settings in the Stream+.  You can experiment with these to get a size that is acceptable to you.
  • Look at your TV User manual for instructions to re-size an image with TV menu controls.
  • To re-size with the Stream plus menu controls, do the following. 
  • While watching the SD program, press the OK button on the remote control.
  • Navigate down to "TV Options".
  • Navigate right to "Display Mode". (This will not be present if you are watching an HD program.)
  • You now have 3 choices. Normal, Full, or Zoom.
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