How many programs can I set up to record on the CM-7004? (CM7004)

When setting up new programs to be recorded, the maximum number of 'Timers' is 10. 

Please note; Even though the maximum 'Timers' is 10, if you continue to set up additional recordings, past 10, it will not record them. It is possible to record up to 20 hours of HD programming on a 128GB USB flash drive. This amount will vary because each TV station sets the bit rate of the Transport Stream. The higher the bit rate, the more storage is needed. SD programs do not take up as much storage as HD programming. 

To check the programs that are set up to record;

  • Press DVR button.
  • Select 'Settings'.
  • Press the Yellow button.
  • Now you can see all of the programs that are set up to record. 

There is 1 storage device that we currently recommend for the CM-7004.

"Sandisk Extreme 500 series. Model# SDSSDEXT-120G " We have tested a number of Solid State storage devices. The Sandisk Extreme 500, 120GB has consistently provided the best results.

*Enabling basic recording capability requires a USB drive (Flash or Solid State), minimum 16GB and maximum 128GB. IMPORTANT: The USB drive must be a new, first-time use device in order to be properly formatted for use with ConverterBox.

Please note; The CM-7004 has been designed as a Digital signal to Analog signal converter. Primarily the CM7004 is used to accommodate older Analog TV's that do not have an HD ATSC tuner, or a  Digital display that does not have an HD ATSC Tuner installed. 

Secondary to that, it will also record TV programs. This is an economy set top box and has limited Recording options

CM-7004 CM7004 7004

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