Can I watch a completed 'Recorded Program' while recording another program on my CM7004? (CM-7004)

The CM7004 will not allow you to watch a recorded program while it is recording a new program. You must wait until the unit is finished recording. Then you can choose a recording to watch.

There is 1 storage device that we currently recommend for the CM-7004. However, any USB storage device that is SLC Flash and formatted to FAT32, should work very well. (Most USB flash drives use MLC Flash.)

"Sandisk Extreme 500 series. Model# SDSSDEXT-120G "We have tested a number of Solid State storage devices. The Sandisk Extreme 500, 120GB after formatting it to FAT32, has consistently provided the best results.

*Enabling basic recording capability requires a USB drive (Flash or Solid State), minimum 16GB and maximum 128GB that has been formatted to FAT32. IMPORTANT: The USB drive must be a new, first-time use device in order to be properly formatted for use with ConverterBox

Please note; The CM-7004 has been designed as a Digital signal to Analog signal converter. Primarily the CM7004 is used to accommodate older Analog TV's that do not have an HD ATSC tuner, or a  Digital display that does not have a Tuner installed. 

Secondary to that, it also will record programs. This is an economy set top box and has limited Recording options.

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