How do I set the Clock, Date, Month, Year, Time Zone on my CM7004 Digital to Analog Converter Box. (CM-7004)

If you need to set/reset the Clock, Date, Month, Year, or Time Zone, instructions are below.

  1. Press and release 'Menu' on the CM-7004 remote control.
  2. Highlight and Select 'Settings' 
  3. Press the Green button to insure that you are in "System Settings". (Not 'User' settings)
  4. Navigate down to DATE/Time and select it.
  5. Now you can set 'Day' 'Month' 'Year' & 'Time'. 
  6. Highlight the category you want to adjust. 
  7. Use the number keypad on the remote to adjust that setting. 
    1. Enter '05' for May.
    2. Enter 0230 to set it to 2:30
  8. Use the 'Left/Right' buttons to change AM/PM.
  9. Press and release the Green Button to save your settings. 

To change the Time Zone, follow steps 1, 2, and 3 above.

  1. Use the 'OK Select' button to toggle through the available time zones.
  2. When the correct Time Zone is selected, you can press the "Exit" button. 

Here is a more comprehensive way to confirm that the Time, Date, and Time Zone are set correctly. 

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