How do I connect a USB Flash Drive or SSD to my CM7004 for recording/DVR functions. Digital to Analog Converter Box (CM-7004)

To enable recording features on your CM-7004, you'll need to install a USB storage device. 

  1. Have the CM7004 displaying a live TV program. No menu's are open. 
  2. Insert your USB Flash Drive, (or SSD storage) up to 128GB maximum, that has been Formatted to FAT32.
  3. You will see the 'Setup In Progress. Do not remove USB or power off' dialog box on screen.  It will likely appear to 'stall' when it is at about 50%, and then at about 90%. This could take a few minutes to complete. This is normal.  
  4. Once it completes 'Initializing' the storage, "Setup complete. DVR is ready" you can return to Live TV.
  5. If you want to use the DVR functions on live TV, (e.g. Pause, Play, Record, etc.) you must enable "Time Shift". Menu>Settings>Yellow Button>Time Shift. 
  6. WARNING; Never remove the USB Flash Drive without using the "Eject" feature.
    1. Press Menu on your remote. Navigate to 'Settings' and select it.
    2. Press the Yellow button to get to "User" settings.
    3. Navigate to 'USB' and select it. This will change it from 'Eject' to 'Not Connected'.
    4. You can now physically remove the USB Flash Drive.
  7. Before installing a different USB flash drive, (Formatted to FAT32) or, re-installing a USB flash drive, complete a Factory Reset. (See the Factory Reset FAQ)
  8. When the USB flash drive is installed. If it the first time that you've used this USB flash drive (Formatted to FAT32) in the CM-7004, you will see a box on screen "!Setup in progress".  It will likely appear to 'stall' when it is at about 50%, and then at about 90%. This could take a few minutes to complete. This is normal.  

There is 1 storage device that we currently recommend for the CM-7004. However, any USB storage device that uses SLC Flash and is formatted to FAT32 should work very well. 

"Sandisk Extreme 500 series. Model# SDSSDEXT-120G " We have tested a number of Solid State storage devices. The  Sandisk Extreme 500, 120GB has consistently provided the best results. It uses SLC Flash and must be formatted to FAT32

*Enabling basic recording capability requires a USB drive (Flash or Solid State), minimum 16GB and maximum 128GB and must be formatted to FAT32. IMPORTANT: The USB drive must be a new, first-time use device formatted to FAT32 in order to be properly formatted for use with ConverterBox.

Confirm that the Time, Date, and Time Zone are setup correctly.

Please note; The CM-7004 has been designed as a Digital signal to Analog signal converter. Primarily the CM7004 is used to accommodate older Analog TV's that do not have an HD ATSC tuner, or, a  Digital display that does not have an HD ATSC Tuner installed. 

Secondary to that, it also will record programs. This is an economy set top box and has limited Recording options.

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