How do I Record a program 'Series' on my Steam+? (CM-7600 CM7600)

Please note; You must install a storage device before you can use the DVR functions. You can find more information about Storage Devices here.  We highly recommend that you use an External Hard Drive.

How to record a program series. 

  • Press the “Guide” button.
  • Highlight the program that you want to record.
  • Press the OK button
  • “What would you like to record?” will appear on your screen.
  • “Single Program” “Entire Series” are your choices.
  • Highlight and select “Entire Series”
  • You can now select the priority level, or navigate right to “OK”.
  • You can find the instruction, 'How can I set up a recording for a program that is more than 48 hours from now', here


Please note; ‘Live Channels’ is a Google implementation, in collaboration with Channel Master. Channel Master is not responsible for ‘Live Channels’ functions or issues. All Guide data, logos, and images are provided by Google. Any Guide data issues & questions, and bugs should be reported to Google Support. 

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