How do I setup my Smartenna+? (CM-3001HD)

  • If your TV is close to a window you can mount it in the window.
  • In general, mounting the antenna higher is better than lower.
  • Connect the power inserter and cables according to the included instructions.
  • The 'Steering' circuitry in the CM-3001HD will automatically begin the 'Search' upon applying power with the power inserter. This will complete in a few minutes.
  • When connected properly, there will be a light visible at the base of the Smartenna+.
  • To perform another signal 'Search', press and hold the black button that is next to the light until the light begins to blink. Then release.
  • The setup mode will take a few minutes to complete.
  • Once completed, the light will be ‘on’ steady.
  • If you want to move the Smartenna+ to a better location, you’ll need to repeat the setup.
  • If you have a problem with a certain channel, you can change the ‘virtual position’ by pressing and releasing the black button.
  • There are 7 virtual positions to choose from. Press the black button 2 times to try ‘virtual position’ #2. Press the black button 3 times to try ‘virtual position’ #3. Etc.
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