How To Setup the SMARTenna+ (CM-3001HD)

 Please see the video below that provides a quick look at setting up the CM-3001HD. There are more detailed instructions below.

  • Unpack your new CM-3001HD SMARTenna+ and inventory the included accessories.
    • SMARTenna+ antenna
    • 6ft and 16ft mini coax cables.
    • Power supply/Power inserter.
    • Quick start guide
  • Quick Start Guide for SMARTenna+
  • The steering circuitry in the CM-3001HD will automatically begin the search and optimization setup upon applying power with the power adaptor/power inserter. The search takes several minutes so wait until the white light on the base of the antenna stops blinking, before you perform your channel scan on your TV.
  • In general, mounting the antenna higher is better than lower. You may find that moving the antenna will provide similar but different search results.
  • Mounting the antenna in a window can sometimes provide the best access to signals.
  • If you want to move the SMARTenna+ to a different location, you’ll need to repeat the search and optimization setup, to be fully enhanced for the new location. Even though this antenna adjusts for 7 virtual locations, you might find that by moving the antenna location or orientation, and performing the search setup, the result could be better or worse than the original location.
  • To perform another signal search/optimization press and hold the black button that is next to the light until the light begins to blink and then release.
    • You can also remove power from the power supply momentarily and it will start the search/optimization.
  • While in the search mode, the white light on the SMARTenna+ will be blinking. This will complete after several minutes.
  • When connected properly, and the search/optimization has completed, the white light will be on steady. 
  • If you have a problem with a certain channel, you can change the virtual position by pressing and releasing the black button at the base of the antenna.
  • There are 7 virtual positions to choose from. Press the black button 2 times to try virtual position 2. Press the black button 3 times to try virtual position 3. Etc.
  • NOTE: If you are trying to use this antenna with an older Analog TV that does not have a digital HD TV tuner, then you will need to use some kind of a digital converter box. 



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