What are some common things I should know about the DVR+/CM7500 Wi-Fi adapter DVR+ (CM-7500XWF)

Only the Channel Master brand Wi-Fi adapter (CM-7500XWF) has been tested and certified to work with the DVR+. Channel Master does not support using other brand Wifi adapters. 

Installing the WIFI adaptor;
1. Physically disconnect the WIFI adaptor, and the External Hard Drive (EHD) from the DVR+. (if you are using one)

2. Clear out any messages on your screen.

3. Remove power from the DVR+ for 10 seconds, then plug back in and allow it to boot up to live TV.

4. Connect the WIFI adaptor to one of the USB ports.

5. The WIFI will likely connect automatically if it has been installed before.

a. If you did a Default Factory Reset, or this is the first time connecting the WIFI adaptor to the router, you'll need to re-enter your router WIFI Password.

6. If your WIFI adaptor does not connect automatically, proceed with the following instructions.


1. Complete the instructions above to connect the WIFIj adaptor.
2. Press Menu on your remote. Then select Settings>Network Setup>Wireless Setup>Scan,

3. Highlight and select your Routers name.

4. Input your password.

a. Please note; Some routers will not accept certain 'special characters'. e.g. $, ^. *, etc.

b. If the WIFI signal reception/Quality is poor, it may disconnect or fail the connection/password step.

5. Check your WIFI signal quality;

a. Select Settings>Network Setup>Wireless Setup> (You might need to also select "Scan" to see the meter.)

b. The meter towards the bottom of the screen should be "all green" and not fluctuating.

c. Use a USB extension cable to position your WIFI adaptor for optimum signal Quality/reception. It is very important that it stays all Green.
d. Also be certain that both "Wireless" and "Internet" both say "Connected" .
e. If connected by Ethernet, then "Wired" and "Internet" must both say "Connected".

What WIFI security does the DVR+ Support?
Network’s Security Protocol (Open, WEP, WPA, or WPA2).

 You can find the Quick Start Guide and complete User Guide here



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